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Russian Academic Visitors Scheme

Each year the Russian Department receives a visit from two Russian academic visitors, who give talks, consultations and masterclasses for students in Russian. In talking to the visitors, students gain fresh insight into contemporary Russia, as well as vital contacts and informal advice helping them with their trips to the country.

Profiles of Academic Visitors

Evgeny Tsymbal

Evgeny Tsymbal is the only Russian filmmaker to win a BAFTA award, for his 1988 expose of the Stalinist terror, Defence Counsel Sedov. He has since won many international awards for the many films he has directed, including three NIKA awards, Russia’s equivalent of Oscars. Evgeny is also the author of numerous articles about Russian cinema. He has been visiting the Department for over a decade, always screening one of his films, often offering the UK premiere.

Maia Volchkevich

Maia Volchkevich is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Russian for foreign students at Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU), Moscow and the author of four books on Chekhov, and numerous articles about Russian literature. Maia first visited the Department over a decade ago, while still researching her thesis, but has since become a recognized expert in Russian theatre.

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